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Perks of Being a Registered Voter —and How to Become One

We’re down to our last 85 days before the voter’s registration closes in September. According to the Commission of Elections, As of June, 60 million voters registered for the 2022 national elections. The numbers are still counting, which proves that many people are aware of what is going on right now.


“Mumultuhin ka namin”

There’s even an interactive website bringing our national heroes to encourage us to be a registered voters. brings Jose Rizal and other national heroes to explain how to be a registered voter.

So, with these numbers, what are your perks if you become a registered voter?


First, You Can Practice Your Rights As A Citizen

It is your right to vote, and no one can take that away from you. You should never think that your vote is just a fraction of a million votes. It can always make a difference and turn out of the results.


Practice your rights as a Filipino citizen and never let your vote go to waste.



Second, Feeling of Being Included

Imagine election day, and everyone’s posting their inked index fingers on social media, yet you can’t relate. Why? Because you’re still not a registered voter.


But, besides the social media flexing, other ways are being a registered voter can make you feel included. You can relate on the news and other happenings to the candidates that you voted, or be stirred with the head-to-head change of voter’s turn out.


Third, The Change Is Within The Reach of Your Hands

There are so many things happening in our country right now. The pandemic, the government, and the economy. Everything can change because of your vote.


That is why we should always think and be critical of who we’ll vote for. Remember that most of them are good with rhetoric. Let’s not be swayed with their words anymore and focus more on their data and actions.

Application for voter’s registration is a lot easier now. You can visit iRehistro and go to your nearest COMELEC to file your application. The process takes to 30 minutes and 1 hour. Let’s all vote wisely!

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