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Plantita Craze Is Not Yet Over! Here are Some Plants For You To Begin

A year with quarantine and made more people discover their creative sides. Some started their online businesses, started vlogging, and of course, most of us became plantitos and plantitas. We can say this is the era where everyone has at least one plant inside their house.

Taking care of plants has a lot of benefits. First, you’ll have a sense of being responsible for something that has life. Second, it eases your boredom and it’s very relaxing. Third, plants help you stay calm by just looking at them. And lastly, it adds an accent to your home.

The Plantita craze is not yet over and it looks like this hype is never gonna stop. Never doubt your journey as a plant owner. This is a beginner’s guide to being Plantita!



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If you are looking for a plant that does not require too much attention, succulents are for you. Every beginner plant owner’s question is: How do I not kill it? Well, succulents are cute tiny plants that don’t require too much water but they do love some light.



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Yep, it’s not just for skincare! Aloes do not require too much care too since you can water them twice a week.



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You can put them near your windowpane because they love lots of light. In contrast, it is hard to kill since it can sustain itself even without water for a month. Just check if their soil is already dry because that’s the time for you to water them.



Same with the ZZ Plant, this one can live for a month without water. It’s best seen beside your couch or table.

English Ivy

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Imagine the long tendrils hanging out at the top of your shelves. They love light so much so it’s perfect if you let them hang on your curtain pane. Check if the soil is starting to dry out before watering them.


Good luck on your Plantita Journey!

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