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Productivity Is on the Way With These Apps

We all want to complete tasks as quickly as possible to relax and do other things. However, we have a tendency to lose track of time, forget our responsibilities, and become lazy at times.

To help you with that, here are some free apps that will help you accomplish more, stay on track, and be more productive.


ANY.DO is a to-do list app that includes a calendar, planner, and reminders. It’s an award-winning app that helps millions of people stay organized and get more done. Its features include maintaining a record of your progress, adding intelligent reminders to ensure you never forget anything, and ensuring that important things do not slip through the cracks. It also has an intelligent grocery list where you can add grocery items, and they’ll automatically be organized according to their category. The amazing part is, your tasks are synced automatically across all of your devices, giving you complete control. Plus, it’s free and available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Click here to download for android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.



RescueTime is a time and productivity tracker that helps you understand and control the time you spend on your device. Gain valuable insights into how you spend your day, develop better habits, and overcome distractions.

Click here to sign up.

To know more about RescueTime, watch this video.

Video from RescueTime



This app is not the same as the other apps, wherein you can add your to-do lists and set up reminders. Noisli is an app that helps you focus more on your work or relax by playing a collection of sounds such as the sound of the rainforest, ocean, rain, etc.

It’s available on Chrome extension, iOS, and Android.

Start your work now and ensure productivity by using these apps/software.

“Good things will happen when you set your priorities straight.”-  Scott Caan.

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