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Pump up Your Photos With These Creative Home Photoshoot Ideas

Are you one of the people who bought a lot of clothing and accessories online during the pandemic despite not having somewhere to go? You’re stuck at home with your newly purchased items since you like the thrill of getting packages now and then.

Admit it: you want to show off those new clothes you got or some of your unworn stuff. However, due to the restrictions, you are unable to leave the house. It might also be that you’re tired of taking photographs at home in the same old method.

To help you with that, here are some home photoshoot ideas to keep you active, creative, and trendy even if you’re in quarantine.’



Try this to achieve a retro look. Gather some old newspapers and tape them to the wall (to remove them after easily). Make a collage out of them until you have the height and width you desire. Make sure to lay newspapers on the floor to give the impression that you’re in a newspaper-filled room. To complete your look, dress up with anything you want and set up your camera with a timer.

Note: You could also try this with magazines.



Cut some forms out of cardboard or any paper, such as a heart, a star, a circle, and so on. After that, shine light through the shapes you created with a flashlight (one from your phone would do). Make sure the lights in the room are dimmed to emphasize the light formed like stars, hearts, circles, and other shapes.


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You can also make this circle serve as your frame. You don’t need to cut anything here when you do this. If you have tissue rolls at home, just put your flashlight in the middle to give you that circled frame you’re aiming for.


This is the simplest you could do, take photos facing the mirror. You could do it by standing or sitting. Make sure the mirror will capture what you want. If you’re going to take photos of your face only, a small mirror will do. But, if you’re going to take photos of your whole body to capture your outfit, you’ll need a bigger mirror for that.

For more creative shots, you can put your mirror outside and take your photo there. This will give you natural lighting and a sky as your background.


Quite similar to the cutouts, this will also require a flashlight. Using the things at your home with holes, such as your laundry basket, trays, or even your colander, you can create creative photography.

Just place the flashlight inside the object you prefer, and there you have it; you now have shadow holes in your photo.


This hack will create a rainbow effect on your photo. Grab a flashlight, then point the light directly to the CD. This idea is best for solid-colored walls.


Try this trick to get those dreamy-like photos that you often see on Pinterest. Cling wrap, petroleum jelly, and a tripod (or anything/anyone that can hold your phone) are all you’ll need.

Put a cling wrap around your phone or camera lens first, then apply petroleum jelly to the lens. If you have a garden at home, this is preferable, but if you don’t, position yourself however you like and take the shot. To get the best results, utilize natural lighting.


To add spice to your plain picture (you, just smiling), have fun transforming yourself. When I say transform, I don’t mean that you should shapeshift yourself and turn into an animal or something. Doll up put on some creative makeup, and make use of props.

To decide what props you would use, think of a theme first.

After deciding on what theme you would like and preparing the setup and the props, it’s now time for you to feel yourself and pose for the camera.

There’s a lot of things to do when you’re at home.
Explore and take pictures!

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