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Relationship Status: Still Swiping on Dating Apps

They say dating apps are just made for casual dates, collecting, and not a place to find your partner in life, especially when you are in a stage when you are ready to settle down. In general, these dating apps don’t have a good impression on everyone and even their users.

The rules are easy. Just swipe right if you find the person interesting, or swipe left if you don’t. Once you match each other, you are set to start your conversation, but the case is different for Bumble. Once you matched, the woman is the first to “make a move” for 24 hours.

In an article by Explained.Ph They wrote that couples who met on dating applications have stronger relationships, which contradicts the impression that these apps are a place for fun and games of the heart. “Moreover, couples who met on apps were just the same with other couples who met on other ways in terms of satisfaction with the quality of their relationships and the quality of their lives.” Said in the article

Especially for those who are eager to meet their partner even, we are still in lockdown, and dating apps help them to find prospects that lead to a stronger bond in the future. Dating apps partner people with their age range, educational background, similarities, and proximity.

Just last week, a Facebook post went viral after a couple posted their photo thanking the dating app. The OP noted that she is not paying a premium. By using premium, you will get more access to the app like unlimited swipes, or you will see people who like you.

ty, bumble 💘🤣

PS hindi po kami naka premium 😌

Posted by Jaira Calajate on Sunday, May 2, 2021

But this is not the case for everyone. Some last for a month or week, while some are getting ghosted within just a day, and it’s normal. After you talked to someone matching each other’s vibes, suddenly they are not replying to you, and yet you can’t complain. It’s a game of luck, and only those who are lucky enough can get past the talking stage.

This is also a place where everyone is vulnerable, and physical appearance matters most. Unfortunately, some are getting scammed or catfished—which is more bearable than the latter one.

If you are reading this and already using these apps, always be mindful and cautious. It’s all fun and games not until you fell for someone you met on the internet. Also, just like alcoholic liquors always remind us, swipe responsibly.

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