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Reworking Clothes: Turning Your Old Clothes to Something New

Got any unused clothes in your wardrobe, but you can’t throw them away because you want their pattern or color? Or do you want to make it into something but don’t know how or what to turn it into? If yes, then here are few ways to rework some of your unused clothing pieces.



We all have that oversized polo in our house that we can’t throw away because it gives us that vibe that we want to. But, you can’t wear it the way it is because you don’t want to look like a hanger. By that, here are ways to turn them into something sassy and trendy.


Cami Dress


Skirt and Top


Puff Sleeves Dress





Aside from oversized polo, it is undeniable that we have that T-shirt that we’re not using anymore. Maybe because you find it boring already or you want its color. Turning that T-shirt into a crop top by just cutting its lower part is an old way. But, turning them into these types of crop tops will make you look more stylish.


Crop Top



Tired of wearing those jeans? Why not turn them into a skirt? Yes, it’s possible turning a bottom into another type of bottom.





Yes, it’s right. You can turn leggings into tops! Not just some boring tops, trendy ones. Who would’ve thought that a bottom can be a top? We’re turning everything upside down now.


Summer Tops


Reworking some of your plain old unused clothing pieces is something very practical. You’re not just saving them, but you’re also having fun doing them. You can always make that one thing into something.

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