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Rosalia Wears Manton De Manila on This Year’s Met Gala

Did you notice that our own Filipino culture and history made it to the Met Gala this year? Well, not just Saweetie paid tribute to the Philippines. The 28-year-old rapper wore an iconic dress that paid tribute to our flag.

But not just Saweetie, there’s one that caught my eyes in the Met. It was Rosalia, a Spanish singer who wore a reimagined dress that was inspired by Manton De Manila. 


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Manton De Manila, also known as Manila Shawl is popular back in the colonial era. Women wore it. The manila shawl was made from silk, quickly adopted in our country as a fashion piece by women. At this time, the Manton De Manila became one of the popular fashion pieces in our country. It’s used as a cover for the shoulder by Filipinos. 

Now, let’s talk about Rosalia’s dress in the biggest fashion event of the year. The design was made by the iconic grunge designer, Rick Owens. La Rosalia’s outfit was pink from head to toe, and the piece was made from satin. The dress was iconic because of its history and especially because Rosalia is from Spain. 


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 Rick Owens reimagined the Manton De Manila, a fashion piece that was popular back then. And yes, we need to be proud because one of the most prominent designers reimagined a piece inspired by our culture. A piece of clothing that was connected to our country’s history and culture. After all, Filipino culture deserves to be seen by the world.

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