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Scrunchies Are Popular Again And We’re Loving It


Remember when your mom (or dad) used to tie your hair with these colorful silk cloth? Well, they’ve been everywhere lately! They are called scrunchies. They are typically made up of silk, twisted around a ponytail that forms a ruffle. It was initially invented in the 1960s but now making its name again today. Now, scrunchie fashion is taking over my Instagram feed.



Aside from being pretty, I believe people love them because they can make a great fashion statement. They could be any color, any type of cloth, and any design. You can even mix and match these with your outfit of the day. They were popular before with the youth, especially millennials. And now, teen girls and boys love them too, exclusively teens with aesthetics.

Today, scrunchies are available in every color, print or design, and texture you could imagine. They can even make a printed character of your favorite snack! Who doesn’t love that? They are a throwback fashion trend.

And today, here’s what is interesting; these scrunchies have also been upgraded. Lately, I noticed that these scrunchies they sell online are enormous. Not only do they use it on their hair, but a scrunchie is also a fashion statement by putting it on their wrist. The reason why it is huge is that it makes a great impression that your hair is thick. They also look like a crown above your head.




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This online shop on Instagram makes pretty and fashionable scrunchies. They are delicately handmade for your hair. They have different colors, types of cloth, including silk. What I love about them is they also make different designs. Send them a private message @ambloomco on Instagram to order.

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