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Skip the Bra and Get Some Convenient Nipple Tapes Online

Wearing a bra is such a hassle. Who would want to put on a bra when you’re just going to get your Lazada package outside your house? From backless tops, dresses, ultra low-cut shirts, or just complicated strap situations, nipple tape is your new breast friend.

Free those boobies because I am about to give you a list to buy nipple tapes online.



Trust me when I say these nipple covers are seamless. Hands down to the most seamless nipple cover I’ve tried! I love that it’s thin but won’t slide off through your skin. Like any other nipple cover, these babies are reusable. But guess what? These coverups can be cleaned by using their own formulated nipple covers cleaner.

Their mild soap will eliminate the dirt caught on the adhesive without compromising its performance and overall form factor. These nipple covers are waterproof, safe, and can be used 30-40 times! They come in 2 different sizes and 3 shades: Fair, Warm, and Tan. Want one? Send them a DM on Instagram to order for only 288 pesos.


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These coverups claim to be your braless solution. These are perfect for sensitive skin as they are non-adhesive. No need to worry about your dark areola because these are opaque for more coverage. It comes in 3 different shades: Light Nude, Mid Nude, and Tan Nude. Get this for only 275 pesos!



Who doesn’t want to feel like wearing nothing? Say no more, @wear_soos got your boob! These nipple tapes claim to be extra lightweight that you won’t even know you’re wearing one! Blessed to have big boobies? Don’t mention it.

SOOS nipple covers fit up to A-C sizes. Great, right? Give your boobs extra care by these coverups for only 249 pesos on Lazada, or you can send a direct message on their Instagram.

Now free those breasts from cages and get yourself nipple tapes! 

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