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Slay the Sweater Weather Look With These Easy and Cozy Styling Tips

The sweater weather is still here and it feels like the breeze has gotten colder lately. This type of weather just makes us lay in our beds all day and wear sweaters to stay cozy.

No one wants to be as cold as ice once you go outside because you are not wearing clothes that will help you feel warm. Well, some can still flaunt their outfits even though it’s literally freezing once you step out. I guess, the cold never bothered them anyway.  

Well, we gotta take advantage of our knitted sweaters, thick jackets, puffer blazers, coats, and boots. Here are some guides for you to master the Sweater Weather Style.


With A Short Skirt

Pull up your knitted tops and skirts. If you have denim or checkered ones, the better! You can wear this with a stocking underneath.

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Under Overall Denim

While we usually see overall denim in the summertime, you can still use it to match your long sleeves.


High-waist Tattered Jeans

There is no other perfect partner to your hoodies and sweaters than jeans.  Ankle boots or nice pair of footwear can complete the whole look.

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Biker Shorts and Sneakers

Stay warm and classic in this style. Biker shorts are up in the trends that go well with a nice pair of white sneakers. Also, this goes right in the basket if you are into streetwear fashion.

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If you have an oversized blazer or puffers, a thick belt will create shape and texture to the outfit. Partnered with skinny jeans or trousers, this sleek style is perfect for office wear.

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