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STAIL Editor Picks: La Localita

When you’re blessed with something so good, you either share it with the world or not. For Jorgina Almoro, that something good was her eyebrows. It was around 2015 when #KilayGoals became popular among women. In college, I remember canvassing for eyebrow products, but many of them contained harsh chemicals.



A few years later, thick eyebrows became a must-have. Microblading and eyebrow extensions were introduced, and eyebrow gels and serums starting popping up in the market.


From the Italian word for locally made, La Localita is Jorgina’s effort to establish a business with proudly Philippine-made products that are FDA-approved, and paraben-, silicon-, sulfate-, and animal-free. Another plus: the products contain a special hair-growth catalyst.




Why spend your money on an eyebrow grower and an eyebrow gel when you can have them both in one product?


At present, La Localita launched three products that are infused with Redensyl, a plant-based serum that targets hair follicle cells to stimulate hair growth and decrease hair fall.


The first product, Instalift, is an eyebrow and eyelash treatment that lengthens and thickens your brows and lashes. It costs Php 395. The crowd favorite, Lash Express, is an eyelash enhancer that volumizes and lengthens at the same time.




It comes in two shades: Clear (Php 285), which can also be used as a brow tamer, and Black (Php 345). Then there’s Better Brows, an eyebrow enhancer that densifies and strengthens your brows. It makes the hair on your eyebrows stiff, and well-groomed. It comes in three flattering shades–light brown, brown, and dark brown–priced at Php 325 each.


These products are perfect for day and night! Check them out at Beauty MNL, Calayxta, The Kult, and Happy Brows stores, or order through Facebook or Instagram.

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