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STAIL Inspo: Barrettes By Bloggers

Guess who’s making a comeback from the past? Yes, Barrettes and hair clips. It’s back and still in style! If you’re a child from the ’90s, then this probably would hit you some nostalgia. Remember those butterfly hair clips or those colorful hair accessories our moms usually force us to wear? Well, yes, barrettes are here to stay!
Over the past few months, we’ve seen how celebrities and fashionistas wore these hair accessories. Barrettes truly change looks and give that feminine vibe. Since there are a lot of styles and clip designs, barrette styling can be flexy!
While others still question themselves if they can pull off the look, get some inspo from these fashion bloggers.


Well? Four barrettes are better than one. Part your hair in the center like Kryz and put your clips on both sides. See? Basic Glam!

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baesic glam ?

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A minimalist dream. Still in her girly look with just a single clip!




Pearl barrettes are feminine and glamorous. Here’s Camille slaying the one-sided barrette look. This all-white ensemble is killing it! Her barrette matches her other accessories too.

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“So how’s the wedding planning? Is it getting stressful already?” Everyone’s number one question to me and I don’t blame them. I feel like society has made us believe weddings should be a certain way. You must follow this schedule. Do this. Do that. You must have a program! It must be Pinterest-worthy! Weddings have honestly become such a huge production, it’s hard not to get lost in it all hence the stress. I think it’s important to remind ourselves that weddings shouldn’t be about the spectacle. It’s about love. It’s about the people who choose to witness this love with you. It’s about the couple. It’s about you and him and that moment and nothing else should matter. This is what makes a wedding perfect. And I’m preparing for my own version of perfection through the 28 day challenge. I want to be the ever blushing bride on my wedding day, with 100% glow and 0% stress—so starting today, I’ll be adding @olayphilippines’ Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream and White Radiance Essence to my regimen. Are you ready to see the change after 28 days? Join me and #OlayPhilippines so that you too can be #FearlessAtAnyAge! Take on the #Olay28daychallenge with me!

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Like one barrette is never enough, have more! Here’s Laureen in her chic double hairclip moment. Bigger barrettes are incredibly fun to style!


This bedazzled snap clip adds to her simple look. Fewer accessories? Perfect time for barrettes!




Vern opted for a unique clip! This triangle-shaped one looked very stylish on her.




Cute and dainty! Vina wears two different barrettes and it goes well together. Isn’t this too cute?


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25 ? Thank you for the birthday greetings! ?

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One word barrettes are so in! They give such a statement and would definitely make others want to give you a second look (or third).

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Freshness overload! Stone hair clips? Goes perfectly well with that messy but pretty hairstyle!


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