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STAIL Tips: Learn How to Thread Your Own Facial Hair at Home

In typical 2021 fashion, I’m still doing everything myself, including hair removal. However, some popular techniques, such as waxing, can become…sticky. Fortunately, we have options. Threading, for example, is an excellent alternative for small areas such as the face.

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Threading is a centuries-old, one-tool technique that is extremely popular in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Threading is essentially the use of a twisted thread to pull hair from the follicle gently.

While I swear by threaded brows, they can be challenging to achieve. Stretching the skin is required to thread the brows properly (and painlessly). This necessitates using an extra pair of hands—two for threading and one for stretching the skin. Start with smaller areas that require less precision, such as the upper lip or chin, unless you can enlist the assistance of another person.

Remember that if you opt for the upper lip, you will still need to tighten the skin. With your mouth closed, push your tongue against the area you’re threading—no extra hands required.

We decided to show you how to thread your brows and facial hair without the need for a professional. Follow the instructions below to start your journey with DIY threading!

1. Cut a 30 cm piece of thread.
2. Make a loop by tying the thread ends together.
3. Open the thread loop with your fingers.
4. Fix one of your hands and roll/twist the thread five times with your other hand.
5. It is now time to begin threading the facial hair. Place the thread on the area of your face where you want to remove hair, and carefully move your other hand in the opposite direction.

Pro tip: Start practicing in a safe area, such as your cheeks, before getting close to your brows to avoid over-plucking! You will begin to notice that your facial hair is being plucked.

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