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Stan Harder With These Kpop Group Member With Their Solo Releases

Kpop music is widely known not just in South Korea but internationally. This proves that language is not a barrier for us to enjoy music—that you don’t need to understand the lyrics to appreciate the music they are making.

With the Kpop industry growing day by day, new group arises as well as new fans. While this is the case, OG groups never stop serving us quality music and outstanding vocals. 선배 (sunbae, or senior) groups, releases solo albums from time to time.

That is why we round up the latest solo releases of our fave stans within these Kpop groups.


DO Kyungsoo

PHIXOS! Ready your wallets. Though SM Entertainment just released a photo teaser for the upcoming album, fans have high anticipation of Kyungsoo’s solo album. The much-awaited soloist from the group EXO. Kyungsoo is known for his ad-libs and voice power.

After being discharged from the military and promoting “Don’t Fight The Feeling” as the group’s comeback, D.O finished preparing his solo album that he break the news himself through social media.



Another one from the Nation’s Pick EXO, Baekhyun, has been doing solo releases here and there.  From UN Village, Candy to Bambi—his solo always tops the chart. His “Delight” single reached 1 million copies (and counting) sold, breaking the history of albums sold by a soloist in South Korea. The lead song, Candy, even created its own trend because of its choreography.

Guess we will never know when will Baekhyun drop another bomb music.



Who else vibe with On The Ground? Through this song, BLACKPINK’s Rose proved that she’s one of the singers in South Korea with unique vocals. Then after a month, she released Gone MV—a heartfelt song with aesthetic visuals.


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Though every time BLACKPINK releases new songs, Rose’s voice adds a texture and flavor to them, but these two songs specifically emphasized Rose’s unique vocals.



Hwasa also has unique vocals, and they can be easily distinguished. She has this rusty and powerful voice that makes every song sound so sexy and enticing.



If you’re a Kpop stan and don’t know Taemin, well, maybe this is the sign of listening to his songs. While his group members are doing their military duties, Taemin is distracting Shawols by releasing solo albums. His lead song “Move” broke the internet and made them create their own version of Move. Even Kpop idols did the sultry dance step of Move.

Together with Move, his other solo songs are Want, Idea, Criminal, and Advice.

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