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Step-by-Step Guide to Achieve the No-Makeup Makeup Look

We all want to achieve that effortless and natural No-makeup makeup look for that casual and simple days. It’s flattering to everyone and can be really simple to do, so if you are still a beginner at makeup, it’s an achievable look.

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Just imagine the effortless look with a messy bun. Now keep reading so that I can guide you to make that no-makeup makeup look achievable, 


1. Skincare is a must

To get that glowy, healthy skin look, you have to take care of your skin. Pamper yourself a little with masks, exfoliate and put some toner. Don’t forget the sunscreen!


2. Less is more

In doing the No-makeup makeup, look less is definitely more. Just a light coverage foundation will do, imperfections are natural and totally normal, and it’s ok that some of them are showing.

Tip: Tinted sunscreen is your best friend. As a lazy person, having a base and sunscreen in one is heaven like this one from BLK.


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3. Cream products are the best

Cream products are great and can be natural-looking. From blushes to highlights, and contour cream products are easy to use, easy to blend, and natural-looking. Simple cream shadow can also be used just a shade of brown to enhance the eyes, and if not, of course, powders will do the trick as well. There are products like Colourette that are 3 in 1, and it’s definitely a must-have.


4. Blush and highlight

Instead of putting blush on just the apple of the cheeks, put it everywhere! (in a proper amount, of course) to create that sunkissed flushed look. Put highlighters liberally as well to get that glowy look from the sun. 


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5. Natural brows

Brows definitely can make the whole look, and having that natural yet defined brows can be a struggle. Brow soaps and brow gel are the solutions for this. Get that fluffy and natural look with just a brow gel and brow soap, they have clear ones, but if you need a little coverage, tinted are available too.


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6. Soft lips

For that natural and kissable lips, soft lips are the way to go, and it’s easy. The trick? Just put your tint in the middle of your lip and pat it out. Using tints is the way to go for the lips; from cloud tint to water tint, the number of variations is through the roof, so you’ll definitely find something for you. 


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Are you ready for that makeover? And remember that makeup will always be noticeable in real life, photos can be deceiving, and that is ok. The skin has lines and texture, and you are beautiful no matter what.

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