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Struggling Achieving the Winged Eyeliner? We Have Easy Tips for You

Finding the perfect eyeliner shape can be challenging, especially if you have hooded eyes. Eyeliner cannot be adequately seen, or worse, it disappears when you open your eyes.
Several TikTok videos have been popping up to save us from this challenge, and down below are just some of them.

The Key Tips:
1. When doing your eyeliner, don’t close your eyes at first look. Keep your eyes looking straight and open.
2. Map out your eyeliner shape with a pencil or eyeshadow, don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect, start from the middle of your eye, drag it at the end and start to create your wing.
3. Make your eyeliner start at the end of your fold. This step is where different styles can be applied.

@murima_19Hope it helps! Leave any questions here ??✨ #hoodedeyes #hoodedeyeseyeliner #hoodedeyetutorial #eyelinertutorial #foryou #torontoartist♬ original sound – Mari Murillo

For a smaller wing, start at the end of your fold. An easy step is to follow the upward slope of your under the lash so you know where to place it.

@nats_tutorialsReply to @duhmyrandah Mamas gotchu ? #eyelinerhack #hoodedeyeliner #makeuphacks #fyp♬ original sound – nats_tutorials

For a more giant wing, create your ideal shape with your eye open. Then when you close it, you will see a gap due to the folds. You can then fill this straight, connecting the line shape you made earlier. This may look close to a batwing shape when your eyes are closed, but it’s the perfect wing when it’s open.

@clownbabyy_Anotha eyeliner vid for hooded eyes just because #makeup #eyeliner #fyp #tutorial #eyeslipface #idk #lol♬ Pet Shop Eyes – The Growlers

For a dramatic wing, follow the steps above, but here you can really see it look like a batwing, just trust the process and create a shape that will look good and connected with your eye open.

There are many ways to do eyeliner; the ones above are just the common steps and tips you need to know. There are also a lot more eyeliner styles you can try. Just find the suitable one for you, do not follow every tutorial as is,  make changes that will fit your eye shape more. At the end of the day, do your makeup in the way you feel most confident. That’s the most important part.

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