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#SupportLocal: These Are the Top Local Eyeshadow Palletes You Should Try

The love for the make-up of Filipinos is growing and with a lot of international brands around, supporting local brands is a route a lot of people want to take.

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With more and more local brands creating names in the beauty industry, here are our recommendations for local eyeshadow palettes you should try.


EB Uncover 2 Pallete

This palette has been one of the first popular local eyeshadow palettes. It’s accessible to buy and is available at any drugstores. It has mattes, shimmer, and one satin formula. It may not be the best in packing colors, but it is blendable and perfect for simpler looks. With its price range, it’s also perfect for beginners or those who want budget-friendly options.


Colourette Peach Purrfect Mineral Eyeshadow Palette 

Aside from Colourettes multi-pot, Colourette also offers an eyeshadow palette with 10 colors, including mattes, shimmers, and metallics. Its color scheme is great for those who want a shimmery look. Even a simple smoky eye and cut crease can be achievable with this palette.


Paprika Touch of Spice Pallete

 A little on the pricier side, but the pigmentation makes up for it. The colors are so vibrant, and it blends well that it will make your eye pop!.  Its color scheme is more warm tones and sunny looks with oranges and warm browns for that glowing look. 


All Eyes On Hue Honeymoon Glow Edition by happy skin

This eyeshadow is perfect for beginners or a simple one look makeup girl. It has a simple four-shade palette makeup that even has a cheat sheet for beginners. You can create different looks with this palette, from simple to more glam! And if simple and easy is what you need, this palette is the way to go.


Sorbetes by filipinta

This eyeshadow pops! With the colorful theme for that playful look and glittery shades that sparkle. It’s a palette to love and look out for, and it makes me miss real sorbetes right now. The pop of different colors that are so versatile to use and just thinking of the number of looks you can make with this palette is just amazing. 


Kabal by filipinta

Another palette by Filipinta, and unlike the other one, This palette offers the basics for that everyday look. With its compact packaging, it’s also perfect on the go. It has one glittery shade for that extra pop! Imagine going to work looking extra fabulous, kabog! 

Support local by using these eyeshadow palettes and checking out their stores for other make-up goodies.

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