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The Why And How Of Shaving “Down There”

To shave or not to shave? The idea of shaving our legs is not new anymore. However, shaving it down there might pick your interest, and talking about it freaks you out.
There are tons of personal shaving methods and over-the-counter waxes for your legs and armpits that you won’t feel any awkwardness while buying them. Even going to the salon for waxing session feels normal. But doing it on your private one seems different somehow.


Many questions have popped up on your mind before doing it, but one thing is for sure. You asked yourself, “Do I really have to do it?” or “Why am I doing it?” Well, girl, IT IS UP TO YOU. Your body, your rule. Is it out of curiosity, or you’re going on a beach trip with your two-piece bikini? Are you craving for something new?


“BE SLOW AND GENTLE” The first and most important thing you should know.  Be mindful that your vagina is very sensitive. Never shave dry.

1. Trim

Trim them first. Before using your house scissor (the one that you use to cut anything) please wash it first as we don’t want any bacteria to touch that area.

2. Shower

Never ever shave dry, shower first. It is for the skin to smoothen and easier for you to shave it. (Plus, I think shaving should really be done while taking a bath)

3. Apply Shaving Cream

There are lots of shaving cream out there to choose from. If none, you can use a gentle soap, lather it on your private area.

4. Shave

Shave your pube in the direction of the hair growth to avoid any irritating the hair follicle. After doing all the steps, wash thoroughly.

If ever you have an ingrown hair, don’t panic. That is hair that grows out of your skin but crawls back into the skin. The best way to avoid this is to not wear tight clothes (especially jeans) after shaving. On the other hand, razor burns or that little bumps can be relieved by a cold hydrocortisone cream. Put the cream on the refrigerator before using it the cold temperature helps ease the bumps.
And there you have it! A fresh feeling down there.

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