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There’s More to Knitting Than Just a Hobby

Crocheting, sewing, embroidery, and knitting are just a few of the many types of needlework. We don’t realize that there’s more to them than just a way to mend or make clothes.

People do things for a reason. Particularly, we’re talking about knitting. Knitting isn’t just a hobby. It could also be something that could help us—wondering how it will? Continue reading to learn more.


Knitting as a Therapy

According to an article posted at Mental Health America by LoveKnitting, entitled The Mental Health Benefits of Knitting, knitting benefits include lowering blood pressure, the slowing onset of dementia, reducing depression and anxiety, and an increasing sense of well-being reducing loneliness and isolation. It’s a way of distracting us from chronic diseases.

Knitting could also be your way of meditation and relieving stress.

To know more about how knitting works as a therapy, read here.



Knitting as a Business

You could gain money from knitting! How? Sell them. You could make your designs and sell them to people, or you could make your customers decide on what you should do (made to order).

To know more about how knitting works as a business, read here.



Knitting as a Career

After making it your business or as a side hustle, you could pursue knitting as your career. Level up. Go for a wider range of customers and market it on social media platforms. It’s exhausting to make many knitted products if you think of it, but the results might shock you. Also, if you’re already on the level where you could afford to hire other people to make your designs, then go for it.


Don’t just perceive knitting as a hobby. Explore and find greater things.

Turn what you love into something more exciting!

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