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These 6 Comfy Outfits For Your Hassle-Free Travel OOTD

As much as possible, we all want to be relaxed while traveling. Traveling isn’t as easy as sitting in a chair as we imagined it to be. Along the way, you might also experience nausea and dizziness. So, aside from a comfortable seat and sitting position, we also want something comfortable to wear to move freely without experiencing uneasiness and hassle.

However, some of us still want to be stylish and at the same time comfortable while traveling because they might have an event to attend to or they might just want to stay stylish.

To give you some tips and outfit ideas on what to wear during travels that will make you comfortable and still have your fashion moment, here are some of them.

If you’re heading to a cold place or the vehicle you’re riding will give you chills, try this outfit idea. Color-coordinated long-sleeved shirt and sweatpants, sneakers, and you could also top it up with a blazer or coat if the cold still soothes on your skin.


You could try this: long-sleeved turtleneck , coat, jeans, a pair of boots or sneakers and cover your collar with a scarf. You could wear a camisole or tank top, leggings or sweat pants, and sneakers for sunny travels. If you still want to wear something that will cover you up, a loose cardigan or blazer is enough to keep you warm during your travel.

If you’re going for a (semi) formal event and want to be comfortable yet stylish, wear a V-neck shirt, top it up with a blazer, slightly loose trousers and wear loafers for footwear.

For something that will give you that “cool and city vibe”, try making this outfit idea as your inspiration. Black top, leather jacket, black jeans, and white sneakers.

If you’re heading to a beach, you could try wearing summer shorts, any top that you want, but a cropped tank top or would be nice, plus your loose or see-through cardigan, and sandals, and of course your floppy hat.

Stay stylish and comfortable with the abovementioned outfit ideas!

Don’t forget your sunglasses!

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