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These Filipina Celebrities Will Make You Think of Getting a Tattoo

From the smallest, minimalist tattoos to the detailed, exotic ones, our Filipina artists have been deviating the stigma against tattoos in women. Over the years, different ladies have flexed and showcased their skin-ink, and here are our top picks for the best ones so far:

Arci Muñoz

We’re living for Arci’s minimalist wrist tattoos, but her nape eye tattoo snatched our wigs away! With a rock-chick look and dyed hair, Arci flexed her edginess while being stylish and proved that she is one of the Philippines’ top rock princesses. Also, her secret tattoo on her inner lip remains unique and worth appreciating.

Nadine Lustre

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Known for her boldness and confidence, Nadine made her image even more distinct through her inked-skin art, and she currently has twelve of it! Among all of these, we love her crawling vines tattoo on her index finger, which, according to her, signifies the feeling of being grounded.

Glaiza de Castro

The Pinay pop-punk princess still got the look after all these years, and her wrist Kanji tattoo remains iconic. For those wondering, her tat is the character for “Kuro,” or black. Kanji tattoos have been a thing even for international artists like Justin Bieber and Kelly Clarkson, and it would be great if you, too, could get one.

Tuesday Vargas

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Posted by Tuesday Vargas on Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Of course, who would forget the remarkable comedian, actress, and singer who has established her image of a strong mother and a great artist? Many tattoo artists have recognized Tuesday’s tattoos in our country and like what they say: no pain, no gain! Her back tattoos are our favorites with their detail and aesthetic value, and if you’re bold enough to take on the challenge (and pain), you might want to check few back tattoo designs as well.

Syd Hartha Chua

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For our top pick, we’re in for the young folk-pop musician and “Ayaw” singer Syd Hartha who currently have an estimated number of 10 tattoos. Our favorite is her baybayin characters on her collarbone, which reads “tiwala lang.”

Now that the women of the Philippine entertainment and music industry have been continuously endorsing women empowerment, we encourage everyone to deviate the stigma on body art and freely express ourselves the however artsy way we want. Get inked!

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