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Things You Need To Know About Your Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are not just a common skin problem for women because this is a concern to a lot of men too. The “Tiger marks,” they said are normal and one should not be insecure about it but let’s admit It we always wish these marks found in our skin could just vanish easily. Stretch marks are not like scars that heal after a week, they stay in our skin for a lifetime.

There are few easy ways to lighten them or to prevent future stretch marks to appear.


Use moisturizers on early stretch marks

Prevention is better than cure. For early signs of stretch marks, apply cream or any moisturizers. We know that moisturizers, in general, is good for the skin it can also help prevent the building of stretch marks. Take your time to massage them directly on your stretch marks and apply them regularly.

This treatment only has more effects on early stretch marks than the matured ones.


Stay Hydrated 24/7

Water moves in mysterious ways. A well-hydrated body has well-hydrated skin and skin that is not dry prevents stretch marks to worsen.

Also, if you like caffeinated drinks like coffee and soft drinks you should watch your water intake too since these drinks dry the skin. Drink your 2L of water every day!



Keep Calm and Don’t Scratch

I know it is itchy and you’re dying to scratch that stretch mark. Keep your hands to yourself—scratching itchy stretch marks will just make the situation worse. Too much friction in the skin is bad, what more with these marks?


When you rub it, the marks will turn red. Once the itchiness subsides the marks will turn darker which will be much more noticeable. So Keep calm and don’t scratch it!

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