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Why You Need Journals To Achieve Your Life Goals

Believe me when I say that I’ve invested in dozens of journals and planners yet never reached the end of their pages. In a country where traffic takes up half of your day (make that your life), time is precious (make that gold). We forget to manage and appreciate whatever hours we have because we’re so busy with our careers and daily routines. 

The same cycle happens to me every year: New trendy planners or journals gets released and it ends up unused. Recently, I joined talks and workshops that encourage journaling. They explain its benefits and how it helps you achieve your life goals.

Treat your journal as your friend. After everything that happened to us during the day, who are we excited to talk to but a good friend, right?

Like your loved ones, make your journal a part of your circle of people who are there for you. Ideally, a journal should be tangible, one you can write on. With a journal you can hold, you can grasp–literally and otherwise–its importance in your life.

Don’t forget to W.A.D.E — Write it down, Add it up, Decide, and Execute your plan. When journaling, one must be able to share everything! Not only does it let you retrace your footsteps, but it also helps you improve your life. Don’t delete, delay, and diminish the things you need to write down.

Last but not least, find your ikagai or your reason for being. There’s so much more to life these days, you need to ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” Journals will help you identify them. It will help you balance your mission and the things you want to accomplish. As you write your own life story, you’ll be amazed how one day, you’ll read back from your past journal entries and realize how wonderful the journey is! 


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