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3 Ways To Beat Travel Insomnia

Stress, unfamiliar surroundings, erratic schedules–these are the factors that affect our sleep. Insomnia is becoming a big problem in our society. Studies reveal that 46% of individuals worldwide are not getting enough sleep on a daily basis, and many more are losing precious snooze hours while traveling.
When you are traveling, especially across time zones, your body’s normal rhythm is affected. What your brain and body expect to be nighttime becomes daytime and vice versa. Breakfast becomes dinner and lunchtime becomes bedtime.
Here are three ways to beat travel insomnia.

Rejuvenate with a relaxing massage

Being away from familiar surroundings may be a little disorienting, especially during bedtime.  Relax by booking yourself for a calming massage. Even a 15-minute treatment will do; longer ones might actually succeed in putting you to sleep!

Set the mood with lighting

Before going to sleep, draw up the curtains or blinds so you don’t see the sun and are forced to get up. Turn down the lights in your room, play soft music, and try not to watch a show that will stimulate your senses.

Stay fit on the road

If you’re checked in a hotel, use the gym and go for a light run or walk on the treadmill. Join a Zumba class or yoga session. Or do some easy laps in the pool. Exercise, while invigorating, can also be calming. Just make sure you don’t do it close to bedtime.

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