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#TravelGoals: Destinations For Your List (Staycation Edition)



  1. To go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship.
  2. to move or go from one place or point to another.

Travel is our escape from the chaotic scene. Being outside the city, breathing some fresh air, and seeing views we don’t usually see on an everyday basis. Living in a peaceful and serene environment for a short amount of time. Making every stay the best out of it because who knows when this kind of rest will happen again?

I have been to many places before and what I like about traveling alone is the sense of feeling the new city I am in — independently exploring the place, taking pictures, learning their culture, and meeting people of color.

Here is a short list for your next gala destination filled with good people, food, and view you can enjoy even without company.


Experience a relaxing and stress free getaway with these ocean view villa located in Mabini, Batangas. Couple of hours away from the Metro, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful sceneries and in the middle of tall trees. Get that energy back by playing under the sun and healing with its calm waters.

Price ranges P2,500 per pax with a minimum of 2 per booking. The fee includes an overnight staycation free breakfast, toiletries, free wifi, beach front view, Near to a hillside, swimming pool, and recreational facilities you can enjoy with your family.


If you’re looking for place that is very near to you then Tagaytay is the answer. This condo staycation offers a room good for 2 pax, a large amenity pool, complete kitchen appliances and utensil, and a smart tv with Netflix subscription for your movie marathon.

Above all, the beautiful view taal lake welcomes you. What a good place to have some coffee and me time?

Where are your after-quarantine travel destinations? Tell us! 

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