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Twenty One Pilots Revealed Their 6th Album About Mental Health

Anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and doubt. These “prevailing emotions of 2020” inspired the phenomenal music duo Twenty One Pilots to create their 6th album, Scaled and Icy, which shall be released on May 21, 2021. As a preview, they shared the first single from the said album, “Shy Away,” which immediately reached 12M streams on YouTube after only a week of release.

According to Billboard, Scaled and Icy was mostly written by singer/guitarist/ukulele player Tyler Joseph throughout the period of isolation when the global pandemic began last year. Together with his drummer Josh Dun, they have engineered the whole album through a series of long-distance virtual sessions.

This music video aired on YouTube last Wednesday, April 7, through their official page. It was described as a hyperactive video performance directed by Miles Cable & AJ Favicchio.

With the initial press release, fans have been speculating that just like the past albums released by TØP, this one will have several underlying messages about mental health awareness. This is matched by the band’s current logo, which initially appears to be a trident (a three-pronged spear used by ancient water gods and creatures) but can also be viewed as the Greek capital letter psi ( Ψ ). It is a symbol for psychology.

Photo from twenty-one pilots’ official Twitter account

Another theory is that the title Scaled and Icy is an anagram of “Clancy is Dead,” referring to their 2018 album Trench’s main character. Rock Sound recognized this 5th album as the “best album of the year.”

Aside from their album release, TØP announced that they would be airing an online concert through their new website According to their Facebook video pub, it will be “something they’ve never done before,” and they are indeed excited to share the new album cycle with their fans.

In the meantime, here’s the tracklist for Scaled and Icy as announced by Tyler and Josh:

  1.  Good Day
  2. Choker
  3. Shy Away
  4. The Outside
  5. Saturday
  6. Never Take It
  7. Mulberry Street
  8. Formidable
  9. Bounce Man
  10. No Chances
  11. Redecorate

You may now pre-order their album on all streaming platforms, and you can also buy tickets and merch for their online show here.


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