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Useful Educational Tools for Easier Online School Works

Once again, it’s that time of year. Back to school is approaching, and you’ll have to face your devices once more since online education is the new way of studying. Online learning is undeniably difficult, especially in terms of discussion, communication, and comprehension, due to the new setup that students and teachers are currently confronting. This new learning method demands soft copies of students’ work, and examinations and quizzes are completed online.

Despite the new structure has been in place for almost two years, most students have difficulty adjusting to it. So, to assist you in getting back on track and adjusting to the new learning method, here are some websites that you may use to do your schoolwork.




Are you having difficulties with your grammar? Make use of this one. Grammarly can help you with your grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling and even avoid plagiarism. You have to create a free account and paste or enter the text you want to be analyzed. It also comes with a Premium account that gives you access to additional features.

(Also available in-app for iPhone and Android users)


This is the ideal website to use if you don’t have any problems with your grammar but want to rewrite a sentence or two. It recommends a better structure for the content you typed. You might modify the text you typed word for word to match the content of the sentence you’re aiming to convey. Quillbot does not require you to create an account to use it, but it does have a daily limit of 5 paraphrases. But once you signed up, you can now continue using it.  It also has a Premium account that allows you to do more. This site will also help you correct your grammar, summarize your text, and avoid plagiarism.



Level up your presentations, posters, logo, infographics, and more with Canva! Depending on what you’re creating, you may choose from a variety of templates. It also provides free creative elements and backgrounds! You may also modify photos and videos by uploading them here. You only need to register an account to use this, and a Premium account is also available if you want to use more templates, elements, tools, and backgrounds. The fun part is you can download your works in whatever file format you want for free without a watermark!

(Also available in-app for iPhone and Android users)


To help you with your AVP (Audio Video Presentation), create it here at Explee! Animate your ideas using this website. You could use your own audio and pictures or just use the templates and other available graphics.




For history, facts, and other articles, you could rely on this online encyclopedia. It offers information written by trusted contributors and editors around the world.

(Also available in-app for iPhone and Android users)


For more specific information, including research studies, try searching them on Course Hero. Documents uploaded here are written by students, graduates, and educators who have taken the exact courses you’re taking. In this website, you can ask online tutors that are available 24/7 regarding your concern.

(Also available in-app for iPhone and Android users)



You can find research papers and studies published on these platforms. The information and documents are shared and written by millions of people around the world.

(Also available in-app for iPhone and Android users)


To help you search for scholarly literature without getting unrelated results, use these search engines.


We understand how difficult it is to learn and adjust to this new system.
Keep going, and let’s help one another out.

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