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What Is a Menstrual Cup And Why Is It Life Changing

Anyone who has ever tried a menstrual cup will tell you that these babies are life-changing. But what really is a menstrual cup? While it might seem like menstrual cups popped up overnight, menstrual cups have been around a long time. The early version was meant to be inserted into the vagina to collect blood that can be pulled out by a cord attached to it. Yes, like a tampon.

Today, more women are making the switch. They’ve been proven to be safe and very effective. In addition to that, this is sustainable as they are eco-friendly.


How Menstrual Cup Works

A menstrual cup is a silicone cup designed for use inside the vagina during your period to collect blood. Unlike pads and tampons, these cups don’t absorb your menstrual flow. Best thing? This one does not smell because the blood won’t be exposed to air, causing a foul odor.


Where To Get Menstrual Cups Online


Moontime Cup 


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This brand made me switch to menstrual cups. I love how this brand uses a colorless cup. They are designed to be clean and clear and have no artificial color. Are you worried about your safety? This cup is made from 100% medical-grade silicone. Moontime cup is US FDA approved. 

Period Supply Co.


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Talking about cup variations? @periodsupplyco got you! This shop carries a lot of different international brands like Me Luna, Saalt, Merula, Tieut, and Lunette cups. Perfect for beginners, they provide a specific guide on knowing the right size and type of cup for you. Make sure to message them on Instagram and ask away! Don’t forget to check their website, .


Comfort Cup Bukidnon

My personal favorite. I like that it’s brown and almost skin-like in color. This cup is extremely easy to use and flexible. This cup can give up to 12 hours of protection.


Cupsey’s MNL


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Fond of colorful cups? Try @cupseys.mnl. This shop is known for its cute pink packaging and colorful cups. This shop claims to feels like freedom. The cup is easy to insert and remove.

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