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What to Wear on Your First Date: Tips and Inspirations

As the saying goes, first impressions are lasting. Actually, whether or not a person makes an impression on others is entirely up to the individual. Some people may be more comfortable with not creating any impressions, but when it comes to our first date, we may want to think about how to make a good impression.

The first thing our date would notice would be how we look. Specifically, how we dress and how we groom ourselves. Here are some tips and style inspiration on what to wear on your first date to make a good impression and level up for the next date.


This pair would be ideal for a relaxed first date, such as going to the movies, strolling around the park, or dates that aren’t too fancy. Overdressing for a basic date will make you look as if you’re trying too hard to make an impression, and it’s possible that you and your date may not be on the same page, which will make you both uncomfortable. For the top, you can wear crop tops, a t-shirt, camisole, tank top, etc. While for the bottom, consider wearing denim more such as denim pants, skirt, or shorts.


Wearing an outfit that’s a set, will take lesser time in planning what to wear. Outfits like these are versatile. It can be worn for a casual date or a fancy one, depending on the style of the set you have.


Wear light-colored outfits if your date is during the day. As much as possible, avoid wearing tight ones because dates during the day will give you more chances to wander around than dates during the evening. Also, for date nights, you may want to consider wearing darker shades of dresses to give you a fancy look. Match your footwear on the dress you’ll wear and the venue of your date.


For an elegant yet sexy style, try wearing this pair. You could choose whether you want to wear printed ones or plain.


Women who wear blazers can sometimes look intimidating, and that’s not how you want your first date to perceive you. To avoid looking intimidating while wearing blazers, match it with casual top and bottom and not formal ones. Also, you can wear sneakers instead of heels.

Don’t forget to accessorize, girls! Accessories will make you look elegant even if you’re wearing casual outfits.

Aside from the accessories and clothes you’re wearing, don’t forget to wear your beautiful smile.

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