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Why Choosing Brow Soap for More Natural Looking Brows Is Life-Changing?


I’m proud of my brows. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably tried every brow product on the market, including fill-in powders, gels, and pencils. You name it. Anything that can lock these bushy hairs in place.

Have you thought about soap?

Yes, you read that correctly. Soap brows have been popular for decades, but they’re having a comeback. I know it sounds strange, but hear me out first!

The term “soap brows” has been plastered all over makeup tutorials and Instagram posts from influencers and beauty professionals alike — but what exactly does it mean? While some people use the term to describe the brow look as a whole, “soap brows” actually refer to a specific brow grooming technique. Using bar soap instead of eyebrow gel is exactly what it sounds like. As strange as it may sound, many makeup artists prefer soap to groom brows because of its stronger hold on hair, simplicity, and affordability.

What is my brow soap?


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 Of course, I will spill the tea. My favorite brow soap is BrowBar from thebrowbizz! I put this bad boy on the wear test just today, and my brows stayed for more than 7 hours. It is truly long-lasting and easy to use. What I like most about it is it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on my eyebrows. They appeared fuller and had that perfect fluffy, feathered texture that everyone craves. My brows appeared fuller and lifted. Not only is soap less expensive than most brow gels, but it may also be more effective. Perfect for every skin tone, they have three available shades: Clear, Black and Brown.


How do I use my brow soap?

Simply run a dry spoolie over the soap and gently brush it through your brows in an upward motion. Apply another thin layer for a more dramatic effect. Take care not to overdo it—the last thing you want is the soap to show. Also, avoid wetting the spoolie, as this may cause the soap to lather.

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